Dr. Jaafari’s PhD Dissertation Defense

    Khaled successfully defended his dissertation titled “Stator Windings Ground Fault Detection in Synchronous Generators” on May 31st, 2016.  In his dissertation, electromagnetic analysis of the synchronous Generators stator winding ground faults is presented. Mathematical model for the synchronous generator under stator winding fault is being derived. In addition, a study is conducted using 2D FEA simulation and verified using experimental testing on the third harmonic ratio under-voltage protection scheme. Another study is conducted focusing on finding a unique signature for the stator ground fault in the neutral vicinity using wavelet transform. This analysis is an attempt to understand this phenomenon from the machine design point of view by looking at the generator terminal and neutral voltages. EMPE lab congratulates Dr. Khaled Ali Al Jaafari for his successful defense and wishes him best of luck with his professional career.