Technical Reports

  1. A Low Cost Inverter with Battery Interface for Photovoltaic Utility System, California Energy Commission, July 2013.
  2. A Smart Induction Motor with High Specific Torque, Office of Naval Research, July 2002.
  3. Measurements of Electrical Power Inputs to Variable Speed Motors and their Solid State Power Converters, ASHRAE, RP-1095, July 2002.
  4. The Technical and Economic Feasibility of a Freight Pipeline System in Texas- Year 2 Report, Texas Transportation Institute, The Texas A&M University System, TTI: 9-1519, September 2001
  5. Feasibility Study of a Converter Optimized Induction Motor. Palo Alto, California; Electric Power Research Institute, January 1989, EPRI Final Report 2624-02.