Professional Interests

  1. Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  2. Motors and generators, high speed, medium voltage, etc.
  3. Auxiliary power generators
  4. Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of electric machinery
  5. Sensors and Sensorless electric motor drive and spindle motors
  6. Submersible motors and downhole equipment.
  7. Magnetic gears
  8. DSP-based power electronics systems
  9. Novel electric machines for different applications
  10. Electromechanical energy storage systems
  11. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  12. Power supplies
  13. Power converters for electric machines including multilevel converters.
  14. Distributed Energy Systems; Wind Mills, Microturbine, Solar
  15. Smart Grids and their components
  16. Active power filters for power systems network
  17. Fuel cell operated electric motor drives